Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday 9th June

Sunday saw the Mk. XVIII at the end of the airfield on "max chat" engine runs. Fred in the cockpit managed to hold on to his hair piece whilst Chris and Barry took shots of him doing his impression of a smoky barbecue trying to get the Griffon going. Pictures to follow!

Monday afternoon the Mk. V was taken outside, filled with fuel, and run for the first time after having the engine removed for a deep strip look at the supercharger.

Back in the office brows were being scratched in an effort to get the brain going to answer more questions from the CAA. Which battery fits where, what's the voltage, are you sure? Oh God!, meeting on Wednesday.

On the phone from the US came Matt to tell us the P-47 had left his workshop, be with us before Legends!

Our old friend B-25 "Grumpy" buzzed by the office window on it's ferry from North Weald to DX.

The boss comes tomorrow, best get something ready for him to fly. Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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