Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good day, bad day!

Phew! Sigh of relief, the Constant Speed Unit drive did turn, much relief all round. No need to take the engine out of the Mk. XVIII. The magneto sent to Tony has been repaired so pickup is arranged for early morning. More runs tomorrow afternoon.

E-mails to write to the CAA and questions from the Gladiator Test Pilots to be answered. What boost, what rpm, how does it differ from the Shuttleworth aircraft? TFC's Gladiator has a Mercury XX whilst Shuttleworth have a Mercury 30. There is also a weight difference between the two aircraft to consider, TFC's aircraft does not have the wing guns installed at the moment.

Out on the airfield the Gladiator has an engine run, the rpm indicator has failed and there is no output from the generator. Back into the hangar, get the items removed ready for sending to the repair shop tomorrow. Greg arranges the works orders for the repairs and finds somebody to do cadmium plating on newly arrived parts for the Gladiator which have been manufactured by our friends at the Shuttleworth Trust.

Email the US for weight and balance details for the P-47G, continue writing the Design Report ready for submission to the CAA.

"Miss Velma" on compass swing, both compasses fail. Ah well, tomorrow is another day!

Now about those engines for the Beaufighter?

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